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At the 2018 G3 Conference, Michael Kruger and James White discussed issues related to the biblical canon and it was quite practical and theologically rich at the same time.


This information is taken from Dr. Kruger’s great book on the canon, “Canon Revisited.”

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Please visit Dr. Michael Kruger’s website below where he goes in depth on each of the 10 basic facts. While working with my sons we will review the previous fact(s) and after reading the next fact on the list we will go to the website and read Dr. Kruger’s short article.

The following is an excerpt from Dr. Michael Kruger’s and Andreas Kostenberher’s book, “The Heresy of Orthodoxy.”

“The following timeline will help summarize and clarify the relationship between orthodoxy and heresy in the patristic era.” Pg. 66

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If you’re interested here is a good debate between Dr. James White and Dr. Bart Ehrman on th N.T.

Here is the first session from The Gospel of Grace and Glory: The Reformation at 500 and Counting presented by RTS Charlotte and Christ Covenant Church.

Session 1 | Sola Scriptura

Mike Kruger — “The Foundation for the Reformation, the Church, and All of Life”

Streamed live on Jan 7, 2014

Today I was joined by Dr. Michael Kruger, President of Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte, North Carolina. Dr. Kruger has written numerous books that are high on our “you must read this book” list, such as Canon Revisited and The Question of Canon; he likewise contributed to and edited The Heresy of Orthodoxy and The Early Text of the New Testament. Our visit was prompted by a phone call made by a Lutheran to Catholic Answers Live back on 10/31/13. We played the entire call before the program started, and we played the heart of the call, where the Roman Catholic priest made the key assertions about canon and scriptural authority, during the interview with Dr. Kruger. We covered a wide variety of topics relevant to the canon issue. Truly one of the most useful programs we’ve ever done! Enjoy and learn!