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Dr. Jason Lisle sharing the gospel in the open air in Denton TX. The crowd gets a little upset.

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Dr. Jason Lisle from the Biblical Science Institute teaches a powerful and much needed message for today. Why Creation Evangelism is mandatory in our delivery of the Gospel. This message was delivered in Fort Worth Texas at the Evangelism Reformation Conference hosted by JeremiahCry Ministries 2017.

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JeremiahCry Ministries The Herald Society Florida 2015
Pastor Jeff Pollard preaches a powerful message showing the antithesis between Biblical Evangelism and Modern Evangelism


Session two of the Hearing from the Heralds evangelism conference in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Jeff Rose talks about Biblical evangelism and the ministry of Jeremiah Cry.

WorldMisson Conference 2014: Message by Dave Griffin of JeremiahCry Ministries- “Unbiblical Arminian Evangelism”

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A study from Acts 13 from the conference in Great Falls, Montana

Paul Washer is founder of the HeartCry Missionary Society. Wretched Radio is a modern Christian TV and Radio show with host Todd Friel.

HeartCry is a missionary society with one great and overriding passion: that God’s Name be Great among the Nations (Malachi 1:11) and that the Lamb receive the full reward for His suffering (Revelation 7:9-10).

Biblical Evangelism

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