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“This is eye-opening. Apologia Church has a ministry that rescues children and offers adoption. Zach Conover spent time debating with a professing Christian who came up to us to challenge our work outside of Planned Parenthood. We have saved thousands of children through this ministry. The man who challenged us accused us of sin and told Zach he needed to repent of doing this ministry.

This interaction perfectly codifies the problem with modern evangelicals who refuse to stand on the objective Revelation of Scripture.”

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The Kingdom of God Series at Apologia Church

We’ve spent a considerable amount of time contemplating, unpacking, and exegeting the text of Matthew 5:17-19. It is my earnest prayer that our time in this section of Scripture has been transformative and edifying for the Saints and Apologia Church. Today, we will be looking at and listening to the Lord Jesus’ statement about the righteousness of the Scribes and Pharisees. What does He mean that our righteousness has to exceed the righteousness of those disciplined religious people? Is Jesus teaching moralism as a way to God? Is He teaching that only a stellar obedience to God’s Law will avail before Him on the Last Day?

I pray the truth we search out today will be a blessing to your life for now and eternity. Without question, this is where the whole message of what God does in the Gospel must be understood.

No King but Christ!

Jeff Durbin
Apologia Church


Pastor Jeff Durbin of Apologia Church and Apologia Radio preached a message about the recent Supreme Court decision regarding same sex marriage. This is a very important message that addresses a number of important points:

1. The need to reach out in love and humility to the homosexual community.
2. The need for a clearly communicated Gospel in our current context.
3. The assurance of God’s response to a nation that rebels against Him.

This is a timely message that needs to be heard by Christians in our nation. This message contains a call to repent of our indifference as Christians. The greatest hatred that we can show to those who don’t know God is to say and do nothing.

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Les and Tanner begin the 5-week Calvinism series with their guest Pastor and Radio show host, Jeff Durbin. Jeff explains the severity of our situation before God, and our desperate need for a change of nature.


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Jeff Durbin, pastor of Apologia Church and host of Apologia Radio, preaches a sermon on Resurrection Sunday about some of the prophetic proofs of Jesus as Messiah. The context is on the whole story of the Scriptures leading up to the death, resurrection, and ascension of the Messiah.

Pastor Jeff Durbin of Apologia Church and Apologia Radio teaches on the Resurrection of the Son of God at Arizona Community Church in Tempe.


Here is the message on The Gospel of the Kingdom that Jeff Durbin delivered at the 2014 Herald Society put on by Jeremiah Cry Ministries.

This message needs to be heard and shared.

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What does God say in His Word about who will be “Left Behind” to inherit the earth? What is the pattern in God’s Word regarding who will be swept away (Matthew 24) and who will be left? Does the Bible teach a secret rapture where the Christians will be taken away to leave the unbelievers behind?

This message was preached by Jeff Durbin, pastor of Apologia Church and host of Apologia Radio, at the God, Governments, and Culture Conference in Arizona.

Get your Bible. Get ready for your traditions to be challenged and brought into conformity with Scripture.

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Jeff Durbin of Apologia Church and Apologia Radio preached this message at the God, Governments, and Culture Conference in Tempe, Arizona. This message was said to be one of Jeff’s most important sermons he has ever preached. Members from the audience commented that it was the most clear and powerful sermons they had ever heard on the subject.

Jeff taught on the promise of the Messiah, His Kingdom, Salvation, and the Law of God. If you ever wanted a full overview of what the Bible says about Jesus, end times, and what He accomplishes, then, you should watch this sermon.

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A message from Apologia Church. Pastor Jeff Durbin teaches on the necessity of telling, preaching, heralding, and sharing the Gospel. Pastor Jeff argues that God is sovereign over salvation and uses His people as the means of delivering the message of life in order to bring His elect to Himself.