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Jeff Rose from JeremiahCry Ministries preaches a hard message against those who escort mom’s into abortion Mills to kill their children. This was shot a few years ago in New Jersey. This place eventually stopped aborting children. This day when the sermon was preached the clinic shut down for the day.

Preaching at American Family Planning (aka Pensacola abortion mill) on Thursday October 2nd 2014.

As I headed to the abortion mill today the common thoughts ran through my mind. Why do I continue to go and spend time holding signs, pleading with mothers and fathers not to kill their unborn child, and preaching the gospel when it seems no one hears and no one cares? I feel helpless thinking of going out there, not knowing what I’m going to say. Then I pack up my wooden cross and signs, grab my bag, and jump in the truck and pray. I pray for strength to love my neighbors, who at this point I don’t want to. I pray that God will grant me the words to speak and if He leads to preach. I know that I will have to depend on Him. As I pray I realize that I go out of obedience to my Lord. I love because He has shown me how. I go out of love for Him, because He is worth it. It is my act of worship. If Christ is exalted, it doesn’t really matter if I’m rejected. I keep waiting for it to get easier but it never does.
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