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Pastor Jon Mark Olesky preaching during the first Northwest Florida Reformation Conference in celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.


Dr. Voddie Baucham delivers an extremely challenging message at the JeremiahCry Ministries “Evangelism Reformation Conference 2017” in Fort Worth Texas.

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Jeff spent 9 days in Nigeria. He was able to preach at 2 Conferences and proclaim Christ in the Open-air. This small video captures a glimpse of the Outreach. The class in the picture are students who are engaged in Bible School.

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How Important is Doctrine in Evangelism?

What do People Compensate the Truth With?

How Important is Evangelism to the Local Church?

How Important is the Local Church to Evangelism?

How would you see a Healthy Ministry Street Preaching or Open-Air Preaching?

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Book Jeff Rose to Speak:

Jeff Rose hammers out the Gospel to those in Hollywood.



Part of For the Mission’s 2 year missionary training program, see bottom of the page for more details.

Lesson 2: Apologetics and Evangelism

In this lesson Pastor Dan Adams talks about how to present the Gospel to unbelievers in a post-Christian world.

Bible References:

Acts 17

1 Corinthians 15

Colossians 1:16

Romans 3:23

Hebrews 9:27

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For the Mission is a non-profit missions agency located in Pensacola, Florida. We are in the mission to take the Gospel to the nations and make disciples of every people group on earth. The FTM institute functions in partnership with Ekklesia Theological Seminary and support of a few local like-minded churches. It was created as part of FTM’s missionary training/equipping program and seeks to provide free theological teaching for those called to become missionaries.

Session 2 | Sola Fide

From The Gospel of Grace and Glory: The Reformation at 500 and Counting held by RTS Charlotte and Christ Covenant Church.

Kevin DeYoung — “Why the World Desperately Wants the Doctrine of Justification (But Doesn’t Realize It Yet)”

There is just something about the country of Scotland that has captivated me. I’d love to go to Scotland, and there are 3 primary reasons why. First the Christian History of the country and what God did there through men such as Patrick Hamilton, George Wishart, John Knox and others is awe inspiring. To preach where these men preached, to preach the same Gospel Truths they preached (because the truth of the gospel is transcendent) would be humbling. So below there are 2 videos on Reformers who led to way with the Gospel and 1 that displays Gospel powered open-air preaching (

The second reason is the manhood stones. Scotland is famous for the many stones (Inver, Dinnie, etc…) which men have lifted through the centuries to prove their strength, some of which boys on their way to manhood would lift to prove themselves as men. I greatly enjoy strength athletics (Strongman, Highland Games, lifting and carrying odd things) and would love to see some of these manhood stones and if possible to attempt to lift them. The fourth video is an excellent documentary by Rogue Fitness called “Stoneland” which feature many of these stones.

And third the scenery is breathtaking. So I have added a video at the end of this post showing some of the God’s beautiful creation.

WHAT GOOD IS CHRISTIANITY? By Vishal Mangalwadi part 1

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Christianity Made the West: 16 things Christianity introduced to the West

  1. Christianity created a uniquely Thinking Civilization that cultivated the mind in search of Truth.
  2. Christianity created a uniquely Humane Civilization that globalized the notion of human dignity and rights.
  3. Christianity created a uniquely Moral Civilization
  4. Christianity created a uniquely Just Civilization putting right above might, where not men but law ruled.
  5. Christianity created a uniquely Monogamous Civilization harnessing sex for nation-building (the traditional family structure).
  6. Christianity created a uniquely Progressive Civilization that humanized via technology.
  7. Christianity created a uniquely Scientific Civilization that put observation above logic.
  8. Christianity created a uniquely Prosperous Civilization that empowered little people.
  9. Christianity created a uniquely Civil Civilization freeing institutions from government.
  10. Christianity created a uniquely Literary Civilization that unleashed the power of the word.
  11. Christianity created a uniquely Egalitarian Civilization that championed human equality.
  12. Christianity created a uniquely Optimistic Civilization confronting suffering and death.
  13. Christianity created a uniquely Liberating Civilization respecting individual conscience.
  14. Christianity created a uniquely Tolerant Civilization preferring truth over bigotry.
  15. Christianity created a uniquely Heroic Civilization that redefined greatness as self-sacrifice.
  16. Christianity created a uniquely Global Civilization that respects national sovereignty.


This is a public debate that took place on January 6, 2018 at Agape Christian Center in the city of Pico Rivera in California. The Debaters are Steven Ritchie (Oneness apologist) and Edward Dalcour (Trinitarian apologist). Please subscribe to this channel for notifications, and be sure to give it a thumbs up if you like the video.

At times both debaters were too close to the microphones which caused some distortion to the audio, but either way I think this video acurately captured the event.