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Dr. Jason Lisle from the Biblical Science Institute teaches a powerful and much needed message for today. Why Creation Evangelism is mandatory in our delivery of the Gospel. This message was delivered in Fort Worth Texas at the Evangelism Reformation Conference hosted by JeremiahCry Ministries 2017.

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Rev. AL Baker preaching a Biographical Message on the Life of Asahel Nettleton – (Preaching Truth, Confronting Error.) This powerful convicting message was preached at Milton First Baptist Church in Florida. The Herald Society by Jeremiahcry Ministries.
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Dr. Sonny Hernandez fires out an intense and convicting message on Gospel BOLDNESS in Evangelism. This took place at the First Baptist Church of Milton Florida March 17-19 2016. Check us out at




The Herald Society conference will be held once again at First Baptist Church Milton in Milton, FL from March 17-19, 2016. The Herald Society is the training arm of JeremiahCry Ministries and its purpose is to come along side the local church to equip believers to engage the culture with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The conference will focus on topics ranging from techniques and tips of open-air preaching, evangelization in everyday life, to evangelism and its role in the family. Speakers will include founder and president Jeff Rose, evangelist Rev. Al Baker, apologist Dr. Edward Dalcour, Pastor Josh Buice, Pastor Sonny Hernandez, Pastor Jeff Pollard, apologist Sye Ten Bruggencate, evangelist Tony Miano, and Daniel Weekley.

The Emcee for the event will  be evangelist Bobby McCreery and we will offer two outreaches that will go simultaneously during the event. The first outreach will be to the local university, University of West Florida. This will be led by apologist Sye Ten Bruggencate, evangelist Mike Stockwell and evangelist Kevin Kelley. The second outreach will be to the local abortion mill, American Family Planning in Pensacola. This will be led by evangelist Tony Miano and evangelist Robert Gray.

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The Herald Society Milton, FL March 17-19, 2016

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Eric Hovind from Creation Today Ministries interviews Jeff Rose from JeremiahCry Ministries. This interview took place at The Herald Society in Milton Florida 2015.

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JeremiahCry Ministries The Herald Society Florida 2015
Here is an exhortation for all preachers to Stand against this Evil day with the Almighty Gospel of Jesus Christ.
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JeremiahCry Ministries Herald Society Florida 2015
Questions & Answers from Dr. James White, Pastor Earl Blackburn, Pastor Jeff Pollard, Pastor Jeff Durbin, Jeff Rose, Tony Miano, Bobby McCreery, Robert Gray, Mike Stockwell, Kevin Kelley

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JeremiahCry Ministries The Herald Society Florida 2015
James White’s classic on Justification by Faith.


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JeremiahCry Ministries The Herald Society Florida 2015
Pastor Jeff Pollard preaches a powerful message showing the antithesis between Biblical Evangelism and Modern Evangelism


In this message Jeff Durbin, of Apologia Church and Apologia Radio, preaches a message at the Herald Society in Florida on engaging the culture with the Gospel. This message is foundational. Jeff preaches on issues that are essential to be understood for anyone concerned with faithfully engaging the world with the Good News.

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