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From Michael Kruger’s book “Canon Revisited.”

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What enabled a small island such as England to colonise the Indian sub-continent? By the 1850s Indian thinkers came to an astonishing conclusion: one of the West’s secrets was sex — efficient harnessing of sexual energy to build stable families.

Let me illustrate.

Many years ago I was teaching in Jamaica. I learnt that 85% of children there were born to women who never married the fathers. America’s sexual revolution was just getting off the ground . . . How could Jamaica be so far “ahead” of America’s cultural elite?

Jamaica’s sexual revolution was a policy promoted by the British. In 1807, William Wilberforce succeeded in abolishing the Slave Trade. This created a problem for British Plantation owners in the Caribbean. Their business needed slaves.

Plantation owners decided to produce slaves ON the plantations. They discouraged male slaves from marrying. Like stud bulls, they should make women pregnant, but not take responsibility for them. An unwed mother will look after the child for a few months. Then she will need to work. Soon she will be pregnant again, unable to care for the first child. A child without a caring family will have no option but to grow up to be a slave.

Fast-forward to 2008. A handsome young man helped us move from Hollywood to Pasadena in California. After 8 hours of hard work, drinking a cup of coffee in our new home, he began to tell us about himself. “I hate American women!”


“Oh! I have loved many of them. I have kids from three of them. Each of them wants me to babysit three days a week. How can I babysit nine days a week? They all want child-support. Even if I babysit 7 days and work 7 nights, I cannot do what they are asking. I am going crazy. I want to commit suicide . . . though it may be good to get an Indian girlfriend.”

He was a smart, loveable guy. Yet, I had to be honest: “You have already condemned three women, three children, and yourself to poverty. Why couldn’t you love just one woman? Have three kids with her? The two of you take care of them. Then, in your old age, they would look after you.”

The young man looked at me as though I was an alien. “Are you promoting monogamous marriage? That is an outdated religious idea invented because priests did not want people to have fun!”

All his life, my friend had been taught he was a monkey. Monkeys don’t marry. They do monkey-business. That is what the man and his girlfriends had been doing.

Marriage is indeed God’s idea. The German reformer, Martin Luther, articulated the Bible’s unique idea of marriage in books such as “Table Talks.” A triune God created man in His image — male and female — to be one, in an exclusive and life-long relationship. The two of them become more of God’s image when they have a child and become three. It is in taking care of that child that they begin to understand the Father-heart of God, the Mother-heart of God.

The spread of the Bible made it the West’s default definition of marriage. Indian reformers understood this secret of the West’s success. Therefore they outlawed polygamy in 1955.

Sexual revolution dissipates sexual energy. It is the path to slavery. In contrast, marriages harness sexual energy to build families and character. It builds great economies and powerful nations. It is the path to human dominion over the earth.

This information is taken from Dr. Kruger’s great book on the canon, “Canon Revisited.”

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To the Glory of God Alone

Are the Five Solas in the Bible? Part 5

Tigers exist, butterflies exist, mountains exist, forests exist, music exists, humans exist, the solas exist, everything exists for the glory of God. All rivers lead to this ocean, all creatures will bow and pay homage to their King.

Although man exalts himself, although he is a god in his own esteem, the pride of man will shatter as a glass vase dropped from the top of the Empire State Building. God alone deserves the glory and on that day he alone will be worshiped. All false gods will be thrown into the fire, and all worshipers of these delusions will join them.

Tongues exist, minds exist, salvation exists, to bring glory to the King of glory.

Look at the Book with John Piper…

Please visit Dr. Michael Kruger’s website below where he goes in depth on each of the 10 basic facts. While working with my sons we will review the previous fact(s) and after reading the next fact on the list we will go to the website and read Dr. Kruger’s short article.

Whiteboard Wisdom: The Gospel

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In the afternoons when I have Bible studies with my sons I occasionally use a whiteboard to write the key points I want them to remember. I will post pics of the whiteboard here, not only for my reference but in hopes that others are edified. Hope you enjoy.

Justification by grace alone may be the most famous sola of the Reformation. It creates the main barrier between Catholics and Protestants. Do we contribute good works to our justification? This is an essential question for our salvation. So, what does the Book say?

In this lab, Pastor John brings James and Paul into a discussion over justification. Catholics often try to refute faith alone by citing the only place in the Bible that the exact phrase is used — “You see that a person is justified by works and not by faith alone” (James 2:24). Protestants often cite texts from Paul like Romans 3:28, “We hold that one is justified by faith apart from works of the law” (Romans 3:28). Do these texts contradict each other?

In this lab, Pastor John wrestles with these and other texts to show that if people are justified, they are justified by faith alone.

Look at the Book with John Piper…

Trailer – Truth Matters – Vishal Mangalwadi

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Starting tomorrow morning, once a week we will be going through this video series. Take a look at the description from the TruthMatters website and the trailer.


Is Truth a private matter, to be thought about in our free time, but that ultimately has no relevance for public life? In this short video series, we look into historical and current examples of why Truth is the foundation for success in every sphere of society.

JCM Scotland Preaching Tour

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From Friendship to Foreign Missions A documentary named, “Go Stand Speak” was God’s chosen means to call me to the public proclamation of the gospel several years ago. This documentary featured many solid men of God, but one of the men who impacted me most was Jeff Rose of JeremiahCry Ministries. He struck me as […]

via Scotland Preaching Tour 2018 — Justified In Christ

In this lab series, we aim to look at the book with them. We will take each of the five solas and judge for ourselves whether what we believe aligns with what God has said.

If anyone is saved, it is on the basis of Christ alone. There is salvation in no one else. God gives no other name under heaven by which men can be saved (Acts 4:12). Muhammed will not save you. Buddha will not save you. Mary will not save you. The Pope will not save you. Parents, president, and yoga pose will not save you. This truth separates Christianity from all falsehood: Sinners are saved in Christ alone.

Jesus alone. His cross alone. To his glory alone.

Look at the Book with John Piper…