Shocking interview with pro-life leader exposes hypocrisy!

Posted: March 11, 2016 by revivalbiblestudy315 in Abortion, Apologetics, Videos
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This is an Apologia Radio special event! We were able to get an interview with Tony Lauinger (Vice President of National Right to Life). The State of Oklahoma is dealing with the controversy over a new proposed bill: SB 1118. This bill would classify abortion as a 1st degree murder charge, effectively criminalizing abortion in the state of Oklahoma. Tony is also the Chairman of Oklahomans For Life. He was asked his position on the bill and responded with a letter that has seen wide circulation on social media.

Tony’s response to the bill was that it would do away with the incremental laws limiting the number of abortions in the State (pain, heartbeat, etc.). We asked him if he would join us to discuss his own opposition to SB 1118.

His answers shocked us. Jeff did his best to let our listeners hear this pro-life leader’s position. Make no mistake: the pro-life cause is an utter failure and now we can all see exactly why that is the case. Tony, a leader in this movement, would not call abortion murder, did not believe abortionists should be prosecuted for “murder” nor did he believe we should bring the biblical worldview or Gospel to bear on the situation in the judicial system.

We want the world to hear the hypocrisy present in the “pro-life” movement. It is time for the Church of Jesus Christ to stand of and act consistently with the Word of God. We cannot and will not do away with abortion and the killing will not stop if we continue to approach the issue in with the cowardice this man and these organizations do.

Rise up O men and women of God!

Please, share this video! Please join with us in exposing this hypocrisy. Abortion will end when there is reformation with the church. We must confront the evils in this movement even if they are present within the church.

No King but Christ!

Apologia Radio


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