Apologia Academy – Presuppositional Apologetics and Mormonism

Posted: November 3, 2015 by revivalbiblestudy315 in Apologetics, Mormonism, Videos
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This is a free preview of the first Apologia Academy Lesson! Subscribe to All Access for more!

This first course is all about apologetics. Pastor Jeff Durbin will take you through the fundamentals regarding a rigorous defense of the Christian faith. Following the foundations in the course, Jeff will spend time teaching you how to reach a specific group: Mormons.

There is required reading for this course and you are encouraged to click on the links provided to purchase these works and add them to your library. Great concern and consideration has been made in these specific selections and we believe these works will bless both your walk with the Lord and your apologetic.

Jeff will also provide several free resources by way of clickable links with each session. You are strongly encouraged to take full advantage of the selections to allow the material to take root in your thinking.

God bless you as you seek the Lord and desire to serve Him by providing for everyone a reason for the hope that is within you (1 Peter 3:15).


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