JEFF POLLARD: Biblical Evangelism Vs. Modern Evangelism (URGENT MESSAGE)

Posted: August 25, 2015 by revivalbiblestudy315 in Conferences, Florida Herald Society 2015, JeremiahCry Ministries, Sermon Clips, The Herald Society, Videos
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JeremiahCry Ministries The Herald Society Florida 2015
Pastor Jeff Pollard preaches a powerful message showing the antithesis between Biblical Evangelism and Modern Evangelism


  1. juretha says:

    I thank the Lord for making me curios yo search the Internet concerning the word of God man like paul washer jeff pollard and many other has open my eyes to the Gospel and not what I get taught in our modern churches this message has open my eyes to look deep into my heart what I e learned about evangelism about repentance about salvation and always wanted to know are we on the right track has let me to your teachings the truth about the Gospel it is sad that we have been do mislead thank you so much for being my teachers

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