This event will be focusing on The Doctrines of Grace in Evangelism, Theology, and Methodology. It will be an extremely effective event, I would not miss it! It really is a return to Biblical Evangelism in light of the Sovereignty of God. Florida 2015 here we come!!!!! Below are a list of the speakers that will be attending the event. Click on the name for more information about the speaker.

Dr. James White
Pastor Jeff Pollard
Pastor Earl Blackburn
Sye Ten Bruggencate
Tony Miano
Jeff Rose
Chris Sippley
Bobby McCreery
Robert S. Gray
“When we are in hand-to-hand conflict with the world, the flesh, and the devil himself, neat little Biblical confectionery is like shooting lions with a pea-shooter; God needs a man who will let go and deliver blows right and left as hard as he can hit, in the power of the Holy Ghost. Nothing but forked-lightning Christians will count.”
Are you prepared to be equipped? Click link for more details.
The Herald Society

  1. Peter Boland says:

    Lord willing, I’ll be there. =)

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