HS_thumbWe are excited to announce that the Herald Society will be coming to the Gulf Coast in March 2015. The conference will be held at First Baptist Church in Milton, Florida. Milton is located 30 mins. east of Pensacola, Florida and about an hour east of Mobile, AL. Registration will be $50 and will open soon at http://www.jeremiahcry.com and more information will be posted soon. Below is more information on the vision and mission of the Herald Society.

The Herald Society is a teaching academy hosted by JeremiahCry Ministries, and is designed to teach reformational street preaching. Imagine a 3-day intensive, public preaching training that covers every aspect of street preaching along with doctrine, engaging the culture, apologetics, family life, going full time, you name it. That’s some of what The Herald Society will be offering. We will be bringing in teachers that we feel are best suited to teach in these specific areas.

“This training academy will be the one to take the preacher and his preaching to the next level. Open air preaching will never be the same!” ~Jeff Rose~

  1. The Gulf Coast Herald Society will feature the Ministry of Dr. James White, Pastor Earl Blackburn, Tony MIano, Sye Ten Bruggencate, Pastor Jeff Pollard, Jeff Rose, Chris Sippley, Robert Gray, Bobby McCreery- This event will be focusing on The Doctrines of Grace in Evangelism Theology, Methodology. It will be an extremely effective event, I would not miss it! It really is a return to Biblical Evangelism in light of the Sovereignty of God. Florida 2015 here we come!!!!!

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