“Evangelical” Customers at the Abortion Clinic

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Evangelical customers at the abortion clinic. What does the Word of God say? This is an excellent commentary by Patte Smith who was in http://www.BabiesAreMurderedHere.com. ‪#‎BAMH‬ ‪#‎abortion‬ ‪#‎prolife‬ ‪#‎evangelical do not murder your baby

“If today is as other days at the killing place
a number of the fornicating mothers and fathers
who come to murder their children will say,
“I’m a Christian. I go to church. God forgives all sin!”
We often hear this from those accomplices who bring them to the abortuary too. Many of the clinic workers have said the same. In spite of the objective, prophetic revelation and warning of Scripture, these religious workers of iniquity appear to honestly believe that the blood of Christ will cover their sins, including sexual immorality and the ruthless, pre-meditated, violent murder of little innocent children.

What does the Holy Spirit have to say to those who sin willfully, presuming upon the grace and goodness of God?

“We know that the judgment of God
rightly falls on those who practice such things…
Do you despise/show contempt for/presume
on the riches of His goodness/kindness
and forebearance and patience,
not knowing that the goodness/kindness of God
is meant to lead you to REPENTANCE?
But because of your hard/stubborn
and impenitent/UNREPENTANT heart,
you are storing up WRATH against yourself
on the day of wrath
and the revelation of the righteous judgment of God;
who will render to every man according to his deeds.
To them who by patient continuance in doing well
seek for honor glory and honor and immortality,
eternal life:
but to unto them that are contentious
and do not obey the truth, but obey unrighteousness,
indignation and wrath,
tribulation and anguish
upon every soul that does evil…
But glory, honor and peace to every man that does good…”
~ Romans 2:2-11

The Jews thought themselves a holy people,
entitled to their privileges by right,
while they were unthankful,
and unrighteous.
But all who act thus,
of every nation, age, and description,
must be reminded that the judgment of God
will be according to their real character.
The case is so plain,
that we may appeal to the sinner’s own thoughts.
In every wilful sin, there is contempt of the goodness of God. And though the branches of man’s disobedience
are very various,
all spring from the same root.
But in true repentance,
there must be hatred of former sinfulness,
from a change wrought in the state of the mind,
which disposes it to choose the good
and to refuse the evil.
It shows also a sense of inward wretchedness.
Such is the great change wrought in repentance,
it is conversion,
and is needed by every human being.
The ruin of sinners is their walking
after a hard and impenitent heart.
Their sinful doings are expressed by the strong words, “treasuring up wrath”.
In the description of the just man,
notice the full demand of the Law.
It demands that the motives shall be pure,
and rejects all actions from earthly ambition or ends.
In the description of the unrighteous,
contention is held forth as the principle of all evil.
The human will is in a state of enmity against God.
Even Gentiles, who had not the written Law,
had that within,
which directed them what to do
by the light of nature.
Conscience is a witness,
and first or last
will bear witness.
As they kept or broke these natural laws and dictates,
their consciences either acquitted or condemned them.
Nothing speaks more terror to sinners,
and more comfort to saints,
than that Christ shall be the Judge.
Secret services shall be rewarded,
secret sins shall be then punished,
and brought to light.
~ Matthew Henry”


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