We Do What We Care About: Resolution 2:24 by Tony Miano

Posted: November 12, 2013 by revivalbiblestudy315 in Bible Study, Prayer
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The average adult’s day looks something like this:

Sleep: 8 hours = 33%
Work: 8 hours = 33%
Eat: 1.5 hours = 6.25%
Television: 2.8 hours = 11.7%
Other Leisure/Household Activities: 1.7 hours = 7%
Recreational Computer Use: 2.0 hours = 8%

The above number are comparable between Christians and non-Christians.

Obviously, the above times vary from person to person. Some spend their time doing other things not shown on the above list. Some work more. Some sleep less. Some spend a lot more time watching television. Some don’t even own a television. Some spend a lot more time on the Internet. Some couldn’t send an email if their lives depended on it. Some have texted to the point of removing their thumb prints from their opposable digits. Others long for the days of the rotary phone.

My days are decidedly different from the above list. I sleep far less than eight hours. It doesn’t take me 90 minutes to finish three meals (too many years eating quickly over the hood of a patrol car). I don’t have cable/satellite/dish television. Because of the nature of my ministry, I spend considerably more than two hours each day on the computer/Internet. And I can be out on the streets anywhere preaching or otherwise communicating the gospel from two to eight hours, or more, on any given day.

Each person’s life differs from that of the next person.

Needless to say, the Christian’s life should be markedly different than that of the non-Christian. In addition to the above activities, the Christian is also to be daily engaged in spiritual disciplines such as Scripture reading and prayer.

Statistics show the average American household has anywhere from 3.6 to 4.4 Bibles.

A poll conducted last year by LifeWay provided the following information regarding how often people read the Bible:

LifeWay Research spoke with participants over the phone, and gathered information on the habits of Bible readers – including where and when they read their Bibles. There seemed to be a wide range of responses at to how frequently Bible readers actually read the Scriptures. Thirty-seven percent of respondents said they do it nearly every day, while 22 percent read it three to five times a week and another 22 percent read it once or twice a week. Up to 11 percent read the Bible two or three times a month, and eight percent read it only once a month.
Another poll reveals how little Christians pray. Over a ten-year statistical period, Barna Research determined that the average length of a person’s prayer is under five minutes.

Read the rest of the article below:

Resolution 2:24


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