hear the heralds

Here’s your opportunity to listen to all the audio of all the sermons from the 2013 Herald Society, from Jeremiah Cry Ministries. For just $10 you can listen to nearly 20 sermons about Evangelism and the Gospel .

Here is what people are saying about “The Herald Society”

“Imagine 20 or more powerful sermons compressed into 3 days. Imagine if during all of these sermons that the idols you have conjured up over your street preaching years are all brought out into the open for you to deal with. There is no walking away from having to deal with them. You deal, or you stop preaching. It is that simple.” – Steve Bauer

If street evangelists will listen to the sermons preached at the Herald Society prayerfully and with an open Bible, there could be revival and reformation within the street evangelism culture. – Jon Speed

You’ll get all the sermons below:

Day 1

Jeff Rose – An Offensive Faith

Dave Griffin The Total Depravity of Man

Robert Gray – Mission Impossible

Sye Ten Bruggencate – The Greatness of God

Marcus Pittman – Four Chapter Gospel Stewardship

Jon Speed – Ministers of Reconciliation

Tony Miano – Should She Preach

Rusty Thomas – The Kingdom of God

Day 2

Chris Sippley – Going Full Time

Tony Miano – Open the Book

Rusty Thomas – The Doctrine of Blood Guilt

Jeff Rose Sketch of an Open Air Preacher

Bobby McCreery – Through love serve one another

Sye Ten Bruggencate – Apologetics Were Doing it Wrong

Day 3

Marcus Pittman – What The Bible Says About Art

Jon Speed – The Call of God & The Glory of God

Robert Gray – When You Pray

Dave Griffin – The Foolishness of Pragmatism

Sye Ten Bruggencate – Biblical Apologetics

Rusty Thomas – Bravehearted Biblical Manhood

James Egloff – The Total Gospel Affect, Seen and Unseen

Tony Miano – A Den of Robbers

Visit Crown Rights to get your copy: http://crownrights.org/store


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