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Jeff Rose of JeremiahCry Ministries has made available another classic book on open-air preaching. The Open~air preachers handbook by Gawin Kirkham.
A manual written in the 1800’s specifically for street preachers. Thank You Jeff for all your hard work and dedication to bring back classic works that will edify a new generation in the church to the glory of Christ.

Now available! $9.99!/~/product/category=0&id=27968882

I’m sure the print copy will follow shortly, this is for the kindle version.

Here is the introduction (enjoy and make sure you get your copy):


When I first picked up and read a copy of Kirkham’s Handbook on Open-air preaching, the first thing that struck me was the simplicity and sharpness in which he crafted this manual to meet the needs of yesterdays and today’s open-air preachers. While some of the information in this book may be outdated, the principles burn as brightly today as they did back then.

As soon as you begin to scan the pages of this small but powerful tool on public proclamation, you too will be convinced of how much we still need a book like this today. This is why I sought to bring it back into publication, and back into the Christian culture of our day. Evangelism has taken on many faces today, some good, some bad. Much of today’s Evangelistic pursuits are only seeking to make men better, rather than seeing men made right with God. Pragmatism has invaded much of our evangelism and missionary motives, and our churches are filled with wimpy, flimsy man-centered appeals to the flesh.

As A.W. Pink strongly puts it “As we turn to His Word and are instructed throughout, we discover a fundamental principle which must be applied to every problem: Instead of beginning with man and his world and working back to God, we must begin with God and work down to man-“In the beginning God!” Apply this principle to the present situation. Begin with the world as it is today and try and work back to God, and everything will seem to show that God has no connection with the world at all. But begin with God and work down to the world, and light, much light, is cast on the problem.”

We have shined up Saul’s armor, and have carried his clumsy sword for too long. It’s time we, like David, must cast away the clumsiness of much of today’s worldly evangelism, and seriously look to God in faith once again. The Lord is sovereign, and in control of the affairs of men, and until we submit and obey His Word and see Him High and lifted up, we will always find ourselves reduced to pulling rabbits out of our hats, and playing silly games that have no bearing upon the consciences of men. God in His wisdom uses the foolishness of preaching to save those who are His.

It’s time we as the Church of Jesus Christ return to the ancient paths of preaching, and trust God and His Word, wielded by the Holy Spirit to bring men from death to life.
I exhort you now, to read this beautiful little gem, glean from its pages and always keep it close by.

Study the men God used in the past to shake the nations, and learn everything needed to be honorable on the field of battle. Don’t be easily moved and swayed by gimmicks, and fast results, but immerse yourself in the Word of God and prayer. Go out and preach the Word of God to the world, because this is why we exist as the living breathing Church of Jesus Christ.

Enjoy the Open-air preacher’s handbook by Gawin Kirkham, and share it with others.
No King But Christ,

Jeff Rose

Founder of JeremiahCry Ministries 2013


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