Now Available: Beneath the Blue Sky: Preaching in the Open-Air by Godfrey Holden Pike

Posted: August 11, 2013 by revivalbiblestudy315 in Bible Study, Street Preaching
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Here is a great resource for Open-Air Preachers and Evangelists alike, that Jeff Rose from JeremiahCry Ministries has labored over to bring back into publication. He has it for sale in both kindle format and print. Please check this out, the links below will take you to the format of your choice.


Great News!

Beneath the Blue Sky: Preaching in the Open-Air by Godfrey Holden Pike

Is finished and available now!


Thank you all for your patience and support, as this project took quite some time. I hope you will enjoy the book as much as I have.
We will have hard-copies available soon as well.
God bless ~ Jeff Rose

Here is an old review written in 1889 by the Congregational Review:

This is a thoroughly readable and at the same time instructive and stimulating book. Mr Pike wields a facile pen and knows what he is writing about His descriptions of open air preaching and preachers are extremely graphic and his practical suggestions as to the most effective ways of carrying on the work are likely to be very useful especially to beginners. The work indeed forms a kind of manual of lay preaching for the guidance and encouragement of all who are engaged in that important branch of Christian service. Seeing that the numbers who are employed in this way is so large it is all the more necessary that some effective help of the kind should be given to them and in giving it Mr Pike has rendered a valuable service to the cause of Christ.

GET THE BOOK HERE (print copy)

  1. Jeff Rose says:

    Thank you for promoting this book, I greatly appreciate it! ~ Jeff Rose

    • My pleasure. I’m enjoying the book and believe it is a great resource for any Christian especially anyone looking to proclaim the gospel in the open air. Just in the first couple chapters I have learned a lot, looking forward to reading the rest of the book. Thank you Jeff for all of your labor on this book and all you allow God to do through you and your ministry. No King but Christ.

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