5 July, 2013 15:54

Posted: July 18, 2013 by revivalbiblestudy315 in Bible Study

The Anvil


If you had to reduce the Scriptures down to just two or three words what would they be? In other words, what is the ultimate theme and goal of all Scripture?

Some no doubt would say that it is the great plan of Salvation, the Kingdom, Israel, etc. While these are certainly great biblical truths there is another that trumps them all. What is it you ask? How have I missed it? Why don’t I hear it preached or taught? All of these are great questions. The answer lies in the fact that we tend to focus on those themes that pertain to us and benefit us. For that reason we overlook the most vital and important theme of all. Here it is: “For My Name’s sake” or “For the sake of My Name” or “For My Great Name’s Sake.” Another way to express this would…

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