Blessing or Burden?

Posted: February 12, 2013 by revivalbiblestudy315 in Multiply Movement
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“Go, make disciple of all nations…”

Anyone who has even limited familiarity with Multiply knows that this is at the core of it all.  The Great Commission – Jesus blessing His followers to go and lead others to follow Him as well (Matt 28:18-20).

Does this command feel like a blessing or a burden to you?

TightropeHere’s some encouragement for those of us who sometimes feel burdened by what we perceive to be the impossible task of walking the tightrope of obedience without falling into the sea of legalism below. “The gate is narrow, and the way is hard that leads to life” (Matt 7:13-14).  This is true.  But tip-toeing down a wobbly tightrope that is thinner than your foot may not be the best analogy for obeying God. The reason that the “way is hard” is not because we must earn something from God by…

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