Thy Glory and Thy Majesty

Posted: July 10, 2012 by revivalbiblestudy315 in Leonard Ravenhill, Prayer, Quotes, Hymns, & Poems
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========      Thy Glory and Thy Majesty      ========
Thy Glory and Thy Majesty     
Are seldom, Lord, revealed to me.     
My sight is dim, my senses dumb,    
I seldom dwell on “Kingdom come.”     
Men dwell among the things that rust,     
We live in time – with all its dust.     
I would my interests relocate,     
And dwell on Thee, my God so great,   
And contemplate Thy Majesty,     
Concentrate on Thy Deity,     
Thus cheat the thieving things of time,     
Dwell on Thy Holiness sublime,     
Thy matchless beauty fill my gaze,     
And worship Thee through all my days!     
And then – ah! – then, Eternity,     
Boundless, unmarred felicity!     
No more to sigh, only to sing     
In rapturous praises to our King,     
To gaze with rapture on His Face     
And sing and sing Amazing Grace! 

Leonard Ravenhill, from “Heart Breathings” Ch. 4


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