Error in Parts

Posted: June 7, 2012 by revivalbiblestudy315 in Bible Study
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A great reminder by David Ravenhill that it is in Christ alone that we have our hope, everything else stems from Him. He is the Root.

The Anvil


Dr. Martyn Loyd-Jones could say more in one sentence than many preachers can say in an entire series of messages. One of his statements taken from the introduction to his book ‘The Sermon On the Mount’ has been especially beneficial to me over the years ever since I first read it. Here is what he wrote: “There is nothing so likely to lead to error or hearsay as to begin with the parts rather than the whole.” This is one of those statements that should act as a plumb line for every servant of Christ who has been called to preach and proclaim the matchless Word of God.

I’ve told Bible School students around the world that this statement has more wisdom behind it than an entire semester of lectures. Read it again and ponder the significance of what he is implying. OK, let me think…

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