Apologetics 101: The Difference between God and Ourselves

Posted: October 20, 2011 by jawilliams504 in Apologetics, Bible Study
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I want us to take a look at the difference between God and ourselves. We will later look at the Problem of Evil, but I want to use this as a foundation to give us a better understanding.

The question is: How can a mere finite human be sure that infinite wisdom would not tolerate certain short range evils in order for more long-range goods that we can’t foresee?
Lets answer this question with a question: Would you agree that the difference between us and God is greater than the difference between us and, say, a bear? I hope you would say “Yes.” Lets look at this closer.
Imagine a hunter trying to free a bear, and he is trying to win the bear’s confidence. The bear thinks that the hunter is trying to kill him. The hunter then shoots the bear full of drugs, and the bear thinks this is an attack. The hunter is, however, doing this out of compassion. In order for the bear to be freed from the trap the hunter has to push him further into the trap to release the tension of the spring. The bear now semiconscious thinks the hunter is again trying to do him harm, and would be convinced that the hunter was out to cause him suffering and pain. The bear would be wrong, and he reaches this incorrect conclusion because he is not a human being.

Now can any be certain that’s not an analogy between us and God?
God does the same to us sometimes and we cant comprehend why he does it anymore than the bear can understand the motivations of the hunter. As the bear could have trusted the hunter, so we can trust God.


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